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I’m Zoe – chief crafter (read, only crafter) of Athena Makes.

I have been crafting in many shapes and forms for most of my life. I have dabbled in many different forms of crafting until I eventually found my niche (or niches).

I started making jewellery many years ago for myself as a rebellion to the mass produced, samey items that I saw everywhere, then I started getting requests from friends and family for specific items, to match an outfit, or for a special occasion etc. Along the way I started dabbling in sewing – this was very strange to me as I hadn’t picked up a needle since my school days where a disastrous incident with a sewing machine, and a cushion designed like a plate of food (don’t ask!) put me off sewing completely.

I discovered that I loved to sew – and I could actually do it! I still run away screaming from a sewing machine, but there is something so very settling and therapeutic about picking up a needle, thread and a bit of fabric, and turning it into something that people enjoy.

I live in the centre of Derbyshire, where I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. I have a huge love of nature, and many of my creations depict animals and birds. I have a particular love of woodland creatures!

I also have a huge love of mythology, and all things a little weird, so you might see a unicorn or a mermaid making an appearance too!

I am strictly supervised in my work by the two loves of my life, my spaniel Remy, and my pug Spock.


My beautiful boy!  Spock is such a character, and totally devoted.  He can usually be found attached to my foot!  It is very difficult to move in our house as there is nothing he loves more than to be no further than 6 inches from you.


Remy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but is much bigger than typical.  He just carried on growing.

He is a lovely, very affectionate boy, which is a good job, as he is also an escape artist!  He has mellowed with age, but there was many a time when he was younger that you would see me chasing him down the road screeching like a banshee!

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